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Full Windshield Boats »

Legend Full Windshield models offer so much! Some of them are sport utility boats that have removable bow cushions and a cushy rear bench seat, but convert easily into an ultimate fishing boat with deluxe removable fishing seats, an aerated livewell, lockable rod storage and an extended rear casting deck. Some are straight up fishing boats that have some of the best fishing gadgets and also have enough room for family and friends. Enjoy the day, extend your season and have fun creating your memories in a Legend Full Windshield boat!

Side Console Boats »

You live to fish. Rain or shine, when you get a free minute you’re casting a line. You may sacrifice the luxury of a full top in order to maximize your fishing space to increase your odds of landing that trophy. And we both know, you’ve landed your fair share of trophies. Sounds like you need a Side Console model.

Utility Boats »

You just like to get out on the water without a hassle. You keep things simple and don’t care about gizmos or doohickies. You catch plenty of fish on your own. You appreciate reliable quality but don’t concern yourself with the bells and whistles. You like to grab your boat, go wherever you want with it and not have to worry. Sounds like you need a utility boat.

Pontoon Boats »

Legend pontoon boats are perfect for any boater who wants huge open spaces, tons of storage, superior stability, plenty of seating and loves to entertain. You can sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the breeze, the sunset or cast a line. Our pontoons give families with younger boaters a secure place to enjoy the ride or toddle about safely when at anchor, thanks to extra-wide decks and playpen-like side rails. Resting higher in the water, pontoon boats sit with their decks flush to the dock so access is easy on and off without a drastic step up or down. With fish and cruise models, 20 to 26 foot sizes and accessories galore, you're sure to find the perfect pontoon in a Legend.

New Non-Current Boats »

Unfortunately, we have no New Non-Current boats in Stock at this time.

Mercury Outboards »

Beginning when Mercury was founded in 1939, they have consistently emphasized and built quality, performance, innovation, and reliability into our marine products. Doing so results in Mercury engines that surpass industry standards and your expectations in terms of reliability, performance, and fuel economy. After more than 70 years, that tradition continues today. Every Mercury outboard is designed to ensure that your time on the water is safe, fun, and enjoyable.

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