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It Doesn't Look Like They're Drowning????

Breaking the misconception of what a drowning person "Looks Like"

Here is a couple of great articles to help you better understand what to look for.

Be safe on the water.....

Marine Saftey Kits

Be Safe on the water this summer!!!!!!!!!!

We have a put together a cpouple of saftey kits for you boat this summer that have every thing you need to be safe on the water.  Both of these kits meet and exceed the standards set by the Canadian Coast Guard for pleasure craft under 6 meters in length. 


Boating Safety

Massel's Marine is dedicated to providing boaters with poducts and accessories to make this boating season safe and enjoyable!

Check out the Videos and resources below:

Is boating affordable?

Buying a boat is one of the best investments you can make in family recreation. Over four million Canadians went boating last year, in more than two million pleasure boats - making boating one of the best recreational investments available to families.

Tips from the toolbox

A certified marine mechanic talks about tips for proper maintenance and operation of your boat and motor.

Mercury Parts Look-Up

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