X-Series »

Enjoy your time on the water however you like to spend it.

A true do-everything boat. Seating for 6, but hidden under the seats are 2 full casting decks! Whether you want to take your friends and family out on the water or just relax and go fishing with a few close buddies, this boat has it all.

XTR Series »

The water won’t know what hit it!

Huge casting decks, massive livewells, all vinyl floors and enough room for your friends, family and all their gear! If you routinely hit the water for some fish, but you’ve got a whole family to keep comfortable too, this is the boat for you! The only tough decision you’ll have to make is which lake to hit first.

F-Series »

A fishing machine with more than enough family flare.

The F-Series has amazing performance on the water, making for a smooth ride with friends and family. Call dibs on your favourite casting deck and everyone will have a great day on the water. It’s just part of the  package.

Xterminator Series »

Did someone say tournament boats?

Oh right, we did! Make use of the included trolling motor and giant 30 gallon livewell with separate bait bucket to catch your fill. We’ve given you the equipment, now it’s up to you to reel in the big ones! 

R-Series »

The R-Series comes with a rugged, no-nonsense type of experience.

Grab your gear, get out on the water and do your thing. No fuss, no muss. Just you, your people, your boat and the great outdoors.

Splash Series »

Ultra light, safe, efficient and fun.

They’re just the right size. You want a light pontoon boat that will make a big splash with your family and friends. You’re not out to win any races and you appreciate a craft built to run with less horsepower for economical operation.  You just want to use a pontoon the way it was meant to be used…to cruise down the lake, fish with the kids and relax with the ones you love.

Enjoy Series »

A Perfect addition to your family.

You’ll enjoy the textured blue exterior graphics, interior LED lights, blue furniture highlights, an upgraded highback recliner, super-soft DuraWeave Luxury Vinyl flooring and a standard Bluetooth stereo. The Enjoy Series makes the perfect addition to your family.

Bayshore Series »

A little luxury goes a long way.

A little luxury never hurt anyone. You appreciate a rich, classic design and the comfort it offers, but you’re also practical and want a pontoon that is versatile enough to let you do whatever you want. Cruise, fish, and relax on a BayShore.

Black Series »

Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

If you like to be spoiled then you’re looking in the right place.  After all, who needs cool stuff like an Ultimate Performance Triple Tube Package, under-deck perimeter blue LED lighting, fresh-water sink, Plush soft-step DuraWeave Luxury Vinyl flooring or a full-size bar with 4 stools in their pontoon? Nobody. But everybody wants them, and you deserve to have them. So indulge in modern luxury and performance with our Black Series.

New Non-Current Boats »

Unfortunately, we have no New Non-Current boats in Stock at this time.

Mercury Outboards »

Beginning when Mercury was founded in 1939, they have consistently emphasized and built quality, performance, innovation, and reliability into our marine products. Doing so results in Mercury engines that surpass industry standards and your expectations in terms of reliability, performance, and fuel economy. After more than 70 years, that tradition continues today. Every Mercury outboard is designed to ensure that your time on the water is safe, fun, and enjoyable.

Used Boats »

At Massel’s Marine we offer quality used boats.  To give you peace of mind, every used boat that we take on trade is fully inspected & serviced by our team of certified technicians.

Used Motors »

Piece of Mind…

Only after thorough inspection and servicing by our team of certified technicians do we offer any pre-owned motors for sale.

SALUS Marine Wear »

SALUS: Proud to be Canadian

Water-play looms large in the collective Canadian psyche. Perhaps it is because we are a nation rich in water with over 31 thousand freshwater lakes & rivers covering almost 8% of our country. Or perhaps because we have the longest coastline of any country in the world.

Whatever the root, our nation’s passion for water-play inspired the humble beginnings of Salus Marine Wear Inc. In 1999, in the basement of his home in Waterloo Ontario, Steve Wagner designed the first Salus PFD, focussing on comfort, quality, function, style and attention to detail.   Read More>>>>

Videos »

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