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The Legend R-Series comes with a rugged, no-nonsense type of experience.

Grab your gear, get out on the water and do your thing. No fuss, no muss. Just you, your people, your boat and the great outdoors.

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Exciting memories are waiting.

The all new XTE series offers a bold new look and all the features you need in 5 exciting models. Whether you want the protection of a full windshield or the room of a side console, the utility of a tiller or need the extra seating and family features of a sport model, we have the XTE for you!

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The water won't know what hit it!

Huge casting decks, massive livewells, all vinyl floors and enough room for your friends, family and all their gear! If you routinely hit the water for some fish, but you’ve got a whole family to keep comfortable too, this is the boat for you! The only tough decision you’ll have to make is which lake to hit first.

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A fishing machine with more than enough family flare.

The F-Series has amazing performance on the water, making for a smooth ride with friends and family. Call dibs on your favourite casting deck and everyone will have a great day on the water. It’s just part of the package.

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Super Cool. Super Roomy. Super Fun.

Introducing the all-new Legend Vibe Series! We’ve gone back to our fibreglass roots. Whether you want to feel the wind in your hair, hear the laughter of friends and family, listen to your favourite tunes, or experience the exhilaration of being whipped around on a tube, the Vibe series has a ton of room and all of the performance you need to enjoy an amazing day on the water. Feel the Vibe!

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A light pontoon boat that will make a big splash with your family and friends.

They’re just the right size. You want a light pontoon boat that will make a big splash with your family and friends. You’re not out to win any races and you appreciate a craft built to run with less horsepower for economical operation. You just want to use a pontoon the way it was meant to be used…to cruise down the lake, fish with the kids and relax with the ones you love.

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The perfect addition to your family.

You’ll enjoy the splash of colour we’ve added. Textured blue exterior graphics, interior LED lights, blue furniture highlights, an upgraded high-back recliner, super-soft DuraWeave Luxury Vinyl flooring and a standard Bluetooth stereo make the all-new Enjoy Series the perfect addition to your family.

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Indulge In Luxury

If you like to be spoiled then you’re looking in the right place. After all, who needs cool stuff like under-deck perimeter blue LED lighting, fresh-water sink, plush soft-step DuraWeave Luxury Vinyl flooring or a full-size bar in their pontoon? Nobody. But everybody wants them, and you deserve to have them. So indulge in modern luxury and performance with our all new L-Series.


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New Look, New Boats....Same Great Service.

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